Low C02 g/km figures

Insurance Group 10 and under
March 15, 2018


Many people believe road tax is what entitles them to drive their cars on the road and/or is what helps to pay for road repairs. However, it is the carbon dioxide emitted from your car’s exhaust which determines how much road tax you pay. This is measured in C02 g/km and can also provide an indication on how much fuel is being used.

Although C02 is not the most dangerous gas produced from an engine, it is still a greenhouse gas and contributes to the rise in global warming.
Currently, all cars with an official rating of 99g/km C02 benefit from free road tax. Anything above that figure is taxed on a sliding scale from £20 a year to £515. Although, new tax rules introduced on new cars registered after 1 April 2018 means buyers will now have to pay between £10 and £2070 for the first year of motoring. With a higher rate being given to new diesel cars that cannot meet Euro-6 emission standards.

Evidentially, a car producing low C02 g/km figures is beneficial and we have therefore comprised a list of our most Eco-friendly cars.
C02 g/km, MPG and tank range specifications sourced from Motors on 10th April 2018 and all information belongs to them.

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