Pre Inspection


Document and HPI Check

Firstly we will perform checks against the documents that have been provided to us, if the documentation seems to be in order then we will continue to perform a HPI check on your vehicle to ensure that is not stolen.


RAC Point Check

All our cars go through the RAC 82 point approved preparation check. Designed to make sure your car meets the highest standards and guarantees a valid MOT certificate.

Servicing and MOT

As part of the process your vehicle will be serviced and MOT’d to ensure that it is road legal and safe.


Road Testing

Road tests are designed to ensure all safety systems are working correctly and used to check the general performance and behaviour of the car in real world situations.

Valet and Supagard

Supagard protection can be applied to your vehicle, as recommended by Nissan, Renault, Ford and Jaguar. Supagard is guaranteed for 3 years.

Price Check

A Price check will be performed on the vehicle, this is were we will take into consideration the results of the previous tests performed on the vehicle, and any other outstanding factors that may alter the realistic value of the vehicle.

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