TOP 5 Highest Miles Per Gallon

Insurance Group 10 and under
March 15, 2018


Cars are so difficult these days dci, eco, eco flex and blue motion every brand has a term to fuel efficiency.
What does it mean ??
“Nobody likes spending more money than they have to.”

The usual way to manage or understand is to measure fuel economy figures as MPG. MPGs are laboratory based measurements hence bringing some type of variation to paper measurements and real driving measurements.

So the statistics don’t mean anything but do create a universal measurement to compare cars and this month we looked at our forecourt, did some searching on motors and parkers and found THE TOP 5 VEHICLES!

The list below shows the cars with best fuel economy available to buy used in 2018 across all categories. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars have been excluded from this list as they do not have a directly comparable MPG figure.


 Renault Clio

Honda Civic

Insignia Eco Flex

Ford focus

5th QashQai offering big car with big mpg

What is the source of these MPG figures?

Searched on motors as the best MPG vehicles on the 14 February 2018 and the figures were scraped from parkers so all figures stated belong to them

Drivers find it very hard, if not impossible to reach these MPG figures as the NEDC test is conducted in very specific conditions and does not reflect the real-world. Hence it should be regarded as a comparative figure, rather than an absolute figure.

Jack Carter

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